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Beautiful new countertops make your kitchen or bathroom look brand new without having spend a fortune on a complete remodel. Whether you’re updating your bathroom or kitchen countertops for your own enjoyment or to get top dollar on the sale of your house knowing about the style, design, and installation process of countertop materials is important. When replacing countertops keep in mind your budget, as different types of material, from laminate to granite and marble, come with their own price tag.
We’ve put together a short guide to help you understand more about countertops and the installation process.

Your Residential Countertop Choices

Chances are you’re accustomed to laminate countertops since they have been the standard for decades. This durable material comes in a range of textures, patterns, and colors.

Adding a modern, earthy style with concrete countertops comes with endless possibilities.

Available in many patterns, colors, and finishes, this man-made material can include your sink, giving your kitchen surface an uninterrupted flow.

Also a man made material, quartz is durable and comes in many assortments of colors and patterns.

For the past decade, granite has been one of the most popular choices for kitchen and bathroom counters and is also one of the more expensive choices.

This natural stone can be used for countertops and flooring. Its speckled surface and durability makes it one of the more popular and expensive options.

Material Cost and Installation

Once you know your budget and have done a bit of research on the materials listed above, you can now choose which material best suits your needs. If you’re budget is small, you may want to choose laminate countertops which come with patterns similar to granite, but if you budget is large, marble or granite is the way to go.
After choosing the material, next comes the fun part – choosing the color and pattern. Keep in mind, however, that these can also affect pricing. For example, a slab like granite is priced dependent upon what grade it falls into using a scale of two to five. What determines the grade includes color, veining, thickness, origin of country, and markings.
When it comes to installation, some material costs more to install than others. For example, granite is a heavy stone that requires additional labor to install. Other expenses of installation that you may incur include cabinet reinforcement, paint touch-ups, or plumbing. Your location can also make a difference in the installation price. If you live in a penthouse, for example, this is considered a hard-to-reach area and may include extra labor costs.

Installation Schedule

Typically, bathroom and kitchen countertops can be installed in just a day. However, the countertops will still need to be fabricated. How long this takes is dependent upon the material you choose, whether it is currently available, and the current schedule of the company you’ve chosen to work with. To be on the safe side, expect the countertop installation and fabrication to take about two weeks.

Full Replacement Alternative

If you’re budget doesn’t allow you to replace all the countertops, there is an alternative. You can choose to replace a section like an island top to complement and enhance the rest of your kitchen.